White Label

ACTMarkets White Label partnership is a full solution addressed to multi-level institutional audience that comprises companies willing to establish their own brokerage, start-up and already established brokerages. We put our time, knowhow, knowledge and years of experience in the industry to carry your activities to the next level. With A to Z understanding of your request and needs, our transparent implementation process empowers your control over your clients’ management and boost your company’s revenue schemes.

  • Our White label key tools includes
  • - Access to a unique marginable account with deep liquidity pool
  • - Detailed reporting that ease your A&Bbook activities
  • - Step by step guidance through the whole process
  • - Flexible leverage and wide range of tradable instruments
  • - Time and cost efficient process
  • - Branded and customizable systems with raw spread
  • - Most advanced technology and updated Meta Trader 5
  • - Easy access to servers/API connection + CRM
  • - And many more

Are you an existing brokerage looking for LP solution? Or do you have a strong database of clients and you would like to move from IB model to brokerage level? Are you an asset manager willing to customize your business model? Are you looking for CRM system to aggregate your data? Do you want to know how to proceed and for your staffs to be guided through training? Are you a startup looking for integration and reliable processes solutions?

More Than Just A Broker! Traders’ First Choice!

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