What is an
Introducing Broker or IB?

An Introducing Broker is a person or a business that provides direct counsel or guidance to clients/investors. In the meantime, clients/investors remain free to execute their orders directly with the merchant company they sign-up with.

Are you looking for a new stream of stable income? Are you a signal provider? Do you offer forex webinars, seminars? Are you looking for marketing support? Do you have a website or a blog? Do you have your own office? Do you program or conceived EAs/robots? Would you like to learn how it works and more?

Why should you become an ACT Broker
Introducing Broker?

Fast Payouts
Multiple instant withdrawal methods
Detailed and real-time statistics from referrals’ activities
Online and offline marketing support
Multi-scheme levels of remunerations
Various promotional offers
Education and Training: we teach & train you
Work with a broker that offers ultimate transparency!
Sign up as an IB

What can your Referrals Expect?

  • Professional and friendly trading environment
  • Lightning execution speed: <10 MS
  • Tight variable spreads & No commission on account
  • Easy access to forex and financial education
  • High leverage on trading account
  • Convenient and fast funding methods
  • NDD & STP execution models
  • No re-quotes, no market execution delays
  • Dependable support